Malifaux - Guild Measurement Tool

Malifaux - Guild Measurement Tool


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Measurement tools are laser cut and engraved from 1/8in. acrylic in various colors to represent each faction. Engraved designs are permanent and won't rub off from excessive use like screen printing. Tools are available in 3 sizes, 1x2x3x4 in., 1x2x3x5 in., and 1x2x3x6 in. All acrylic items are shipped covered in a white protective masking paper.

1x2x3x5 in. tool pictured.

Awesome product - the ruler is sturdy and the engraving is well done.

Excellent quality! Will shop here again!

Well marked, and with the enclosed key there's no mistaking each bit's function. Admittedly the contact paper is a bit fiddly, but you need that to protect for shipping, so that's understandable. Very good workmanship.

So awesome. They now come with inch increments on the long side that are not pictured.