X Wing Maneuver Template Pack

X Wing Maneuver Template Pack


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Templates are laser cut and engraved from 1/8in. acrylic in a variety colors. Engraved designs are permanent and won't rub off from excessive use like screen printing. Pack includes all the standard maneuver and range templates for use with X Wing plus a range 1 and range 2 template for easier in game use. The range 3 template comes with markings for range 1 and 2 like the factory template so it can be used by itself if so desired. Red and Neon Green pictured. All acrylic items are shipped covered in a white protective masking paper.

Disclaimer: The measurements for this set were taken directly from the factory cardboard sets included with the core set of the game. Due to known inconsistencies in the various printings of the cardboard templates our acrylic templates may not perfectly match your factory issued cardboard templates even though they match ours exactly.

These templates were a little thicker than expected but after I adjusted I found that I liked that about them. They are easy to handle comfortable to use and way more durable than the original cardboard templates. I love this product and plan to use it at the tournaments I attended.

I got this as a gift for my brother, he loved it. But his son and daughter keep trying to claim it as their own.

Nice and durable looks like will last for a bit.